Care of Cut Christmas Tree


If you buy your tree several days before it will be set up and decorated, store the tree outdoors or on a cool porch or patio until you are ready to decorate. An area that provides protection from the wind or sun will help the tree retain its moisture.


If you plan to store the tree several days, cut off one inch of the tree butt. This opens the tree stem so it can take up water. Store the tree upright and place the butt end in a water container.


Trees are thirsty. They may drink between 1/2 gallon to a gallon of water per day. So make sure to check daily and supply fresh water as needed.


Place the tree as far away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources as possible. Turn off the tree lights when you leave your home and before you retire at night.


Check all electric lights and connections. Do not use with warm or frayed cords and NEVER use lighted candles.


Following these care and precaution measures should insure an attractive tree that stays fresh indoors for several weeks.